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We proudly partner with Lifeline to support SAFE And INDEPENDENT living for seniors aged 55+ or disabled persons in our community.
The Lifeline Story

In 1974, a noted psychologist and gerontologist named Dr. Andrew S. Dibner founded Lifeline Systems. It answered a question he had often wondered: “What would an elderly person do if he or she were alone and needed help?”

In its early years, Lifeline Systems was sold primarily through hospitals and other healthcare facilities as a community service. As the company grew and technology advanced, it began selling its services directly to individuals and healthcare professionals. Innovation continued to be a cornerstone of its mission to deliver first-in-class solutions to its subscribers.

What is Lifeline?

Lifeline provides 24/7 emergency assistance in the form of a discrete necklace that is worn at all times. Should the client experience a sudden fall, they need simply to push the button and emergency services will be dispatched. The technology is so advanced that the device can detect a fall - so if you are unable to push the button, you can rest assured that the help you need is coming!

If you are interested in learning more about the Lifeline products and services - check out their website >> 
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