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Government Resources

If you need help accessing any of the resources below, please call our office. We'd be happy to help you navigate.


E.R.I.K Kits

Emergency Response Information Kits are a vital resource to have on hand for a potential crisis. Each kit contains current medication protocols, health care directives, power of attorney information, donor cards and more... Kits are provided from the SOS office. If you need help filling out the forms within the kit, Bethany would be happy to assist you. You can be sure of our commitment to confidentiality and discretion. 


Guaranteed Income Supplement

The 55 PLUS Program, a Manitoba Income Supplement, provides quarterly benefits to lower-income Manitobans who are 55 years of age and over, and whose incomes are within certain levels. Eligibility is based on income reported in your tax return from the previous year.

Find more information, including the application, here:
55 Plus Program


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PMH - Mental Health

Seniors Mental Health provides assessment, consultation and treatment for mental health problems that are most commonly associated with aging. We can help clarify concerns about mental health issues and provide linkage with the most appropriate resource.

The most common concerns are often related to the onset of or changes in psychiatric conditions such as cognitive disorders (dementia), anxiety disorders or major depression.

We can assess and help with concerns related to:

  • Memory loss

  • Increased confusion

  • Challenging behaviours

  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

  • Problems related to substance use/gambling

  • Elder Abuse or vulnerability

  • Care-giving concerns

  • Questions of risk or safety

  • Coping strategies

  • Social isolation/withdrawal

  • Impact of multiple losses

  • Environmental modifications

  • Ongoing treatment and follow-up

For more information visit the website:

PMH - Metal Health

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